Jun 17, 2016

Undoubtedly  you are familiar with the important horses’ auctions Auction Antwerp and Flanders Mare Auction and their respective successes. Both organisations have delivered considerably to Belgian horse breeding and to the equestrian sport in Belgium and beyond.

Insight and positive consultation between officials of these two events have led to a promising cooperative agreement. Under the motto "together we are stronger ' and with the intent to even better serve customers and buyers.  … To be clear: Auction Antwerp and Flanders Mare Auction will remain separate auctions and continue to operate independently, but they join forces in one venue:  Azelhof in Lier on 8 October 2016. A future-oriented initiative that is already well received by many stakeholders. After all, the advantages are obvious.

This is due to the wide range and the many opportunities offered by this unique event. The breeder, the buyer, the interested people can get involved at the moment that suits them best. Through the auction of highly qualified pregnant broodmares from proven pedigrees we can anticipate  the birth of a high quality foal. In addition, there is a great opportunity to purchase the same day carefully selected foals, bred in view of the future, and of two-and three-year-old horses that showed their great capabilities during judicious selections. The entire range is available.

Without exaggeration, we can say that this unique project can be the start of a bright future for horse and owner, a future that tends to international appearance. A project that offers new opportunities and responds to the wishes and passion of lots of horse lovers. So be there on 8 October in the beautiful venue of Azelhof Lier.





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